Veterinarian - Norfolk
830 W. 21st St.
Norfolk, VA 23517

By Dr West
February 05, 2014
Category: Clinic Property
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        Some of you may have noticed the "for sale" sign that is located on the edge of our property line.  The "for sale" sign is NOT for our property, but for the neighboring property belonging to Clark's Nursery.  We were approached by Clark's Nursery's owner in regards to the purchase of our property and the clinic, but we have declined the offer. Currently, we have no plans to sell our property in the forseeable future and we will continue with business as normal.  

       As you can see the sign gives the impression that  our property is for sale and the survey flags show that Mr. Clark's agent does not respect property lines.





30 May 2014

Since the construction of the Fresh Market to our west, the For Sale sign has been taken down.