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By Dr. West
February 29, 2012
Category: Homemade
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Homemade and raw diets, especially for cats, have been a topics raised in the past few months. I'm not a big fan of raw diets because there is too much chance for contamination by bacteria, before purchase, during preparation ,and in storage. Pesonally, I favor good commercial diets to homemade diets because the homemade diet may be balanced in the first week but by week 5 or greater we humans become lazy and use approximate measures or substitute ingredients. Are you having that homemade diet tested to insure it's safe and nutritionally balanced each time you make a batch? The good pet food manufacturers are testing each batch and testing it months later to insure good shelf  life. Besides, the cat is the more popular pet because they are low maintenance. That goes out the window when we start spending more time shopping and preparing homemade diets for them than we do for ourselves. If you are still adimat about feeding a raw diet, you can try Stella and Chewys, Natures Valley and Companion Cat Food. for nutrionaly balanced frozen raw cat food. If you want to go the home made route, check or (caution on Balanceit - nutritionists note- not for long term maitenance). 

When purchasing pet food, always look for the adherence to AAFCO nutritional standards or completion of AAFCO feeding trials. AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials, an association of state and federal regulatory agents set up to facilitate commercial interstate feed trade. They have established the nutrient standards should be in a particular feed and created feeding trials to insure those nutrients in the food are utilized by the animal.