"Immunizing” Your Pet Against Homelessness

 During this time of year more than any other 1000's of pets across our nation become lost, most never to be found again. There have been various developments such as tags and even tattooing to help us keep track of our pets, but none have been so permanent or reliable as micro-chipping. Micro-chipping is no more painful to your pet than their yearly vaccines. It is a small rice sized capsule injected under your pet's skin at the base of their neck. Many Veterinarians, some shelters and most research facilities are equipped with the scanners that are necessary to aid in your micro-chipped pet's identification. A 24 hour database can reunite you and your pet within hours if not minutes of proper scanning. Micro-chipping is your pet's ticket home.

Little Known Facts and Tidbits

 The power of your pets' poop: It is a little known fact that America's pets produce approximately 10 million tons of "waste” per year. In San Francisco, they are actually looking into the possibility of converting that poop into methane. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the fuel created from the pets waste could be used to power anything that uses natural gas. We should have some reports shortly of their findings. Anti-depression medication:There is not only a significant rise in the human population in regards to prescription treatment for depression, but in the domestic pet population as well. Requests for anti depression medication or "anxiety” drugs are being requested for our pets almost as frequently as for ourselves. Cats lose almost as much fluid in the saliva while grooming themselves as they do through urination. Dogs and humans are the only animal with prostrates. Being a pet owner reaps health benefits too. Pet owners on an average live longer and experience less stress and heart attacks.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Just a reminder that for a nominal fee and the price of your medication we can mail out your pet's "ongoing” prescriptions straight to your front door. All we need is at least 72 hours notice and a valid credit card and we can send it out to you in the local mail. Call our office today to see if your pet's medications qualify.

Heart worms 

Heart worms are a parasite that looks like spaghetti and can grow up to 14” inside your pet's heart. Heart worms are transmitted by over 70 different species of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, heart worms can cause permanent heart damage. Here are a few symptoms to look out for: coughing, labored breathing and heart failure, all of which are potentially fatal. Because of this, we at  West Animal Clinic recommend all dogs and cats be put on heart worm preventative.

About Our Preventative Products

Heartgard: Is available for both cats and dogs. It is a a monthly flavored chewable that protects against heart worms, round worms, and hook worms. Dogs must have a blood test. Both cats and dogs must have a Veterinarians authorization. This is a year round prescription medication.

Revolution Plus: Is available for both cats  It is a monthly topical applied product that protects against heart worms, ear mites, round worms, ticks and fleas. This is a year round prescription medication. Frontline Gold for cats/ Frontline Gold for dogs: are available.They are a monthly topical applied product that protects against fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and chewing lice. There is no testing or prescription needed. In this area we recommend year round treatment for your pet. Product should be applied every 30 days.If you have any problems deciding which product best suits your pet's needs, please contact our office so we may set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. West.

Nexgard - is a chewable flea and tick prevention given every 30 days.


  The Necessity Of Baseline Diagnostics

With the rise in preventable diseases in your pet on an uphill climb, baseline diagnostics have become an important part in your pets veterinary visit. Multiple studies have shown that diseases such as diabetes, thyroid conditions, and liver and kidney issues may be preventable with early detection. A simple blood draw and a couple of X-rays is all it takes to set a baseline for your pet. After the initial diagnostics are performed and reviewed by your veterinarian a guideline for future monitoring of your pets health can be set and tied into your pets yearly physical. Contact our office to set up an appointment or if you have any specific questions call and our staff will answer your questions or get the answers for you. Prevention is the best cure. Do not delay.