West's Animal Clinic offers a full range of veterinary services to care for your pet. Learn more about our complete line of services here, and why they are important to maintaining the health and happiness of your pet.

Out Patient Visits

When bringing your pet in for a checkup, remember he or she may be uneasy about new people and animals. This is one of the reasons we ask that you restrain your pet before coming into the clinic. We require your pet be placed on a leash or in a pet carrier before entering the waiting room. Your pet and others in the waiting room will appreciate the extra care.
If you think your pet has a contagious disease, you should call us first with the details before bringing them into the clinic- we may request your pet wait outside until the staff can handle your pet.

Rex Veterinary Assistant

Medical Services

Your pet can be affected by a wide variety of medical problems, but many of these can be avoided with appropriate preventive veterinary care. Our hospital is equipped and our staff is trained to perform specialized diagnostic testing to gain knowledge of your pet's overall health.

Veterinary Assistants Sharryl



Like ourselves, appropriate dental care is very important to your pet's health. big cat dental We recommend routine home dental care and periodic professional dental prophylaxis. Dr. West is a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society and has taken over 400 hours of dental continuing education. For the past twenty years he has been performing extensive oral health care including fillings, root canals, crown placement, interceptive orthodontics, and periodontal surgery.

Surgical Services

When surgery is necessary, our hospital is fully equipped to care for your pet's needs. Our doctor has experience in all types of surgery, ranging from routine procedures such as ovariohysterectomies to complicated soft tissue surgery, such as gastrotomies, splenectomies, and orthopedic surgery. We use preanesthetic drugs before surgery to ease our patients and provide pain relief and veterinary assistants stay with our patients until they have recovered from anesthesia.

Emergency Services

Emergency service is available on a 24 hour basis. When our clinic is closed, our patients are seen by Blue Pearl Partners formerly, Tidewater Animal Emergency & Referral Center (TAERC). Blue Pearl Partners are a 24-7 emergency and critical care facility. In the event you cannot reach us at our regular number, call 757.499.5463. The emergency center is located at 364 South Independence Virginia Beach, Va. 23452.